Why are we different?

We could answer with the usual Agency spiel…. We interview comprehensively, we reference check scrupulously, we select the best Candidates, we’re on call 24 hours a day, we’re competitive on price etc. Dull and boring .. This is what any Agency should do as a minimum. We have a better answer…..
What makes us different is the relationships we form with our Clients and Candidates. After all recruitment is about people, without them our Business would not exist. We identify better Candidates because we get to know them properly by treating them with the respect they deserve and showing a genuine interest in them. We get to know more about them and how they tick in a work environment.

Then there’s our Clients; so many Agencies see their Clients only in terms of their financial value. We figure that we can only do a good job for our Clients if we get to know them, their business and the way they work. That’s why we actually listen. We don’t just tell our Clients what we can do for them we listen to what they want from us.

This isn’t just a “nice” way to work; it’s a tried and tested technique that achieves results.

We’ve built a successful Company on this ethos.