Why use JLC Recruitment & Care Ltd ?

Professional – Reliable – Thorough
As a business owner / As a candidate

As a business owner
When that unexpected shipment comes in or when last minute orders come in, our Clients know that they can always call us as we can provide an out of hours contact number and book a team of capable, reliable staff who can be on site literally within hours to help them sort the problem out.

Recruiting and managing large volumes of Industrial staff can often be problematic. That’s why our Clients can rely on us not to let them down.

Finding exactly the right people to fill specific Pottery, Industrial and Commercial vacancies has helped us to become a trusted supplier to businesses and an invaluable resource for those looking for employment.

Our friendly, helpful and trusted team have a wealth of knowledge and experience which allows them to make a unique promise to all Clients and Candidates.

As a candidate
As a candidate you will be looking for work, after a brief chat in the first instance we can help you to identify your strengths and match you with our existing available positions. Our family run organisation helps you as an individual to find both temporary and potentially permanent work. Our professional reputation has been maintained by our constant high standards and thorough processes, this has led to being reliable in matching a clients requirements and a candidates needs.

JLC Recruitment & Care Ltd receives regular training from an employment accredited lawyer, and updates of any changes to policies regarding home office rules and the regulations to prevent illegal working in the UK.